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"I help entrepreneurs and corporations promote their business through my photography"
I could be shooting food one day, jewellery the following day, and then a model for a line of bags, a general manager in the showroom the next. Anything as long as it is intended to sell, advertise, promote, brand or engage my clients’ customers with them. To clarify, I do not shoot events and parties, nor weddings, family and children portraits by the way. I started my career in Manila in 1994 but now based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates running my company, Key Lite Studio. On weekends, I teach photography to enthusiastic hobbyists passing on to them knowledge and skills that I hope would make a difference in their life someday. I love using film-era cameras fitted with digital imaging technology. Nothing beats the quality and control vintage gear offer. Besides, anybody can buy and shoot with the latest gizmo, so why not do it in style? In my line of work, being creative and camera savvy are not enough. With my marketing background, I am able to understand the role my images perform in my clients’ marketing campaign and corporate communication objectives; thus providing them photographs that truly contribute to their business’ growth rather than just being "artsy fartsy” or to satisfy the creative whims of the photographer. My experience of 21 years making people, products, services and ideas look good in pictures is what I bring to your project to help you achieve your business goals.
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I am a full time photography service provider in the UAE and I have my office and photo studio located in downtown Abu Dhabi. To set an appointment for a photo shoot or to come and visit me to discuss your project, you can contact me here. Got something that needs to be photographed professionally? It would be great to receive a phone call from you but it is usually better if you can organize your thoughts first on what kind of photos you really need and write it down then send it to me here...

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Mezzanine Office 1 Professionals Building (Building 516)
Fatima Bint Mubarak Street (also known as Najda Street) Madinat Zayed Area,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (next to Union National Bank and Capital Metallic Equipment)
9AM - 6PM
Sunday to Thursday
Not familiar with Abu Dhabi? Let Google Maps show you where I am most of the time
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